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Want to save energy and money both during hot summers? Then go for our platinum metal roofing at Remington VA with the patented thermal vent system. Know more:


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Residential Metal Roofing Contractors Remington VA w w w . a l p h a r a i n . c o m

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Alpha Rain is specialized in the installation of the metal roof at an affordable cost and with the latest technology. We promise as a roofing expert is to delivering professional expertise exceptional customer service and quality construction. About Us Expert 18+ Years

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Metal Roofing Remington VA We have solved many house heating problems in Remington VA by the installation of patented under metal roof ventilation system. The best way to bring down attic temperature to 103 degrees when it was 96 degrees outside.

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New Metal Roof Installation The venting system keeps hot temperature passing through the attic and your house.  The great way for stopping releasing and reflecting the heat. This is energy-saving as it reflects direct heat and its design is made by no use of woods. The best way to lower down AC usage in the homes.

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Certified Roofing Specialists High attic air temperature is a problem of most homes and they will spend a couple of hundred extra bucks for cooling. But not you dont have to pay the extra cost We install thermal ventilation to bring your attic down during hot summer days.

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Want to save energy and money both during hot summers Then go for our patented thermal vent system. We customized this as per your home requirement. For proper venting ridge vent and soffit vents should be used. Grab a chance to reduces the electric bills. Want Energy Savings

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Platinum Metal Roofing System In our platinum metal roofing system we used therma vent which is made up of a Styrofoam panel and installed with a radiant barrier.  We create a way for the air at the bottom of the roof and the fresh cooler air will vent the way up and then the hot air will escape through the ridge vent.

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Reach Us Here w w w . a l p h a r a i n . c o m EMAIL ADDRESS PHONE NUMBER 1 540-222-1642