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At Alok Academy, we provide intensive Digital Marketing Courses in HSR layout (Bengaluru) that is in par with the current industry trends. In this master class, you will learn the essential elements of digital marketing which can help you enhance your business, skills, and career.


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The Dream Team- What You Need to Know About Creating the Ideal Digital Marketing Team Digital promotion is the most important aspect of all marketing strategies in today’s modern businesses. If you own a business which requires promotion. Then you have two choices left with you. That is you can either hire a digital marketing agency or can build in-house. Irrespective of which route you go with. You will need to work closely with the digital team. But for this you need to understand the anatomy of the Digital Marketing Department or Digital Marketing Team. What is a Digital Marketing Team A Digital Marketing Team is a set of individuals with different skill sets pertaining to this area. This includes specialists like designers strategists marketers optimizers and creative heads. In this article we will take a close look at each role. And also understand why each of them is important for the team functioning smoothly. Look at the popular Digital Marketing success KPIs in 2020. The Essential Roles Are As Follows 1. Market Researcher Market research is the first step to any kind of strategy. This is done through a Market Researcher or a Strategist. They conduct audits of different campaigns and promotional activities. From these audit results the team plans the next steps forward. Market Researcher provides suggestions for feasible utilization of resources. Most significant activity done by the Strategist is to create a calendar. Which tells the approximate time taken for each task and also follows up with the team to get the work done on time. A Strategist is the one who game plans the whole idea of the content keeping in mind the target personas. They are also responsible for the content. Advertisement and also the administration of the content that will justify the company’s goals and values. 2. Content Creation Content Creators are the voice of the brand. A very important part of the creative team. They are responsible for manifestation of the idea of the brand into words. Any Digital Marketing Team in the world needs versatile content writers who have a sound knowledge of SEO. Because they are grammatically strong. And can communicate clearly and use many voices in their writing.

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Content writers can be of different types. The two primary types are: a Article Writer Article writers are responsible for long form content. They will research and write on various topics depending on the need of the business. For the website they work or handle. They are good at explaining topics in an engaging and in depth manner to pertinent audiences. They help Build a Digital Marketing Team. b Copywriters Copywriters are experts at short form content. This is the team that comes up with catchy phrases product description taglines and headlines. This kind of writing is normally for product brands and also for e-commerce websites. Different types of content require different writing styles. These are just two kinds which are used most often. Which every digital marketing team needs. 3. Graphic Designer Content written by the content writer is presented to the audience in a readable layout with images and videos. This is the onus of the graphic designers. They make the content look attractive. If audiences with their short attention spans were presented with just paragraphs of text they would never go through it. Not only will a graphic designer present content in a readable manner they will also create logos brand identities social media campaigns and other aid promotions. Graphic Designers use images videos graphs charts and Infographics to best present relevant data to consumers. Their job role extends to online ads website layouts blogs articles and many others. 4. SEO Specialist Search Engine Optimization is the act of inserting relevant keywords throughout the body copy and tags of all online material. The end goal is to use words that customers are searching for to make the business visible on SERP. This is why SEO Specialists play a critical role in Digital Marketing Team. Becoming an SEO specialist is not considered an easy task. As these professionals are not just required to have subject matter information. But also engage constantly in Google Analytics. The SEO specialist needs to ensure that all the content is optimized for relevant searches. They also need to update headlines alt text images and meta tags for ranking the website on top of search engine. Having a dedicated SEO specialist will make the Digital Marketing Team stronger. Note down the Major online advertising risks in 2020. 5. Pay Per Click PPC Manager Any marketing department which runs ads needs a Pay Per Click Manager. When content promotion and advertising are critical to a business marketing strategy. This PPC becomes a cornerstone for the campaign to pivot on. There are tools such

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as Outbrain AdWords which are tremendously powerful in driving traffic. They also help in growing audience. But to optimize ROI to its fullest extent a professional with thorough knowledge of the subject needs to manage the spends.. The most important aspects of PPC management include- monitoring optimizing updating and testing. 6. Email Marketing Specialist Email Marketing Specialists are an important part of any Digital Marketing Team. They are digital marketers who mainly focus on building email lists nurturing the leads and creating emails which are relevant to the database. These Email Marketing Specialists work closely with the email automation software wherein they send emails EBooks newsletter upcoming offer information . This is done with the goal and intention of increasing the brand value brand awareness. Digital marketing teAam Social Media Manager is also a part of the successful Digital Marketing Team. If you run a company institute or academy. Then you might be having your social media profiles on all the social media platforms. With this you might know your audience is active or not on social media. In order to handle this you need a social media manager. First of all social media is not just limited to sharing photos and videos. This is a very powerful platform to start brand conversion and grow organically. This work on the principle of customer engagement and involvement. Hence social media managers need to always have a finger on the pulse of the audience. They need to know what people are talking about and how to connect it to the brand in an inviting fashion.

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