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SWOT Analysis:

SWOT Analysis


Strengths Established position in current market (Pharos) Their program focuses on the process of decision-making rather than end results Have experience with the education industry, especially in the college market


Weaknesses Lack of target market Lack of vision and future goals Method of evaluating and defining success


Opportunities Extend their target market to areas outside of education Utilize social media to expand their business Developing different distribution channels


Threats College degrees becoming obsolete College’s internal career development departments

Marketing Strategy #1:

Marketing Strategy #1 Define target market: 17-25 year olds Define mission statement: “At PathLIGHT we strive for excellence by giving you the direction and resources you need to discover your unique purpose”

Marketing Strategy #2:

Marketing Strategy #2 Fine tuning the product for the target market Accessibility through the web Offering class credit at colleges and universities Various marketing channels Social Media: Facebook , LinkedIn, YouTube Promotional alliances with Universities