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My Course Project:

My Course Project Allie Lenderman [email protected] 04-21-15 Fitness lifestyle


Introduction What did you do for your course project? What I did for my course project was my PT class in AFJROTC. I take part in this activity while in my school at Deland High school.

Engagement Activities:

Engagement Activities Why I chose this activity- I chose it because it is something I do weekly and I am participating in it with other people. Types of things we do; Push ups, situps, pullups, running a mile, crunches, leg raises, etc.. How I fulfilled the project requirement was by participating in the activity weekly and keeping track of them. I got started with PT when I joined ROTC. PT is a requirement in ROTC unless you have a doctors excuse with a reason to why you cannot participate or if you just have an excuse to why you cannot run the mile or whatever activity you can’t do. *I couldn’t think of what it was called for working out the whole body, but it is all the muscle groups. And at the beginning I meant to say ROTC.*


Sportsmanship Sportsmanship is when you are a team sport. It doesn’t have to be your team exactly, as long as you are nice about how you act. During my project I was a good sport when my team mates were ahead of me during our mile run. ( I was not able to get to pictures to put here. There were none on the website and I wasn’t able to get some from facebook.)

Sports in other Cultures:

Sports in other Cultures An activity I chose to discuss is soccer. In Brazil, soccer is the most popular sport. They look at soccer like we Americans look at football. Unlike some of us, they are super competitive in that sport. No, they do not participate in the activity for the exact same reasons as me. I just play it for fun, not competition. But they play for both. Something interesting I found out about soccer is that it is distinguished from rugby and American/Canadian football in that it is primarily played with feet.

In-School Resources:

In-School Resources Yes, PT is offered in my school, but only if you are in ROTC. And it takes place all year.

Community Resource:

Community Resource PT is not offered in my community unless you are in highschool or college. The gym is around for fitness, and they have other classes like yoga and karate, ect.

Proof of Participation:

Proof of Participation I was not able to get any pictures. ( You can email my Master Sgt. She can tell you that I participated in the PT course, I was not here all year, I came in the middle of the year. But I got the minimum requirement of PT for it to be counted for this course. Her e-mail is – [email protected] I am giving this to you and telling you this because I forgot about getting the paper signed, but I assure you she will tell you I did participate in PT. )

Final Thoughts & Reflections:

Final Thoughts & Reflections Why do you think it was important to participate in this project? - I think it was important to participate in my project to get more involved with the people around me and to stay in shape. Do you plan on participating in any other types of fitness activities in the future? If so, what? - I do plan on participating in other activities, like softball and flag football. Did you learn anything about yourself from participating in this activity? - I learned to not give up, even if I want to. What were your experiences during this activity? -I was able to keep myself in shape for that time being. Would you recommend this activity to any of your family members or friends? - I would recommend it to my sister for when she gets into highschool I loved PT. Some days I really didn’t like it because I just wasn’t in the mood but I got past that.

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