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Solid Wood Amish made bunk bed size has different size and configurations. Twin over twin is the most popular bunk bed, but full over full and twin over full options are also common.


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A M I S H A L L E Y Selecting the right Amish bunk bed for a kid is not easy compared to other furniture for your home. When you choose a bunk bed there are more safety concerns need to think in mind. However as in any type of furniture you need to start by identifying your requirements.

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A M I S H A L L E Y Why Amish Bunk Bed for Kids and Toddlers As kids grow into adulthood they want to enjoy some freedom. And also we are pleased to say the children are best in this set. Bunk bed provides ultimate space savers for a long time. With this feature your kids can also share a bedroom and make a memorable time with brothers and sisters. Solid Wood Bunk Bed Size: Solid Wood Amish made bunk bed size has different size and configurations. Twin over twin is the most popular bunk bed but full over full and twin over full options are also common. Twin over Twin Bunk Bed: Twin over twin is also known as a standard bunk bed. The dimensions vary but average sizes are 68H x 42W x 80L. Normally you will find it in a kid’s bedroom and as well as it’s mostly used to fit two children of the very same age.

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A M I S H A L L E Y Twin over Full Bunk Bed: Amish Twin over full bunk bed has a twin bed on the top and double bed on the bottom. It comes in numerous size but standard sizes are 82"W x 58"D x 68"H. From parent room to kids rooms it can provide more space without taking additional space for your grown teenager. Parents who like to spend some time in children’s bedroom before bedtime will likewise appreciate the extra space. Full over full bunk bed: Full over full bunk bed comes in a perfect configuration when you want to fit two large bed in your small room. The dimensions vary but standard sizes are 68H x 42W x 80L. It’s a great solution for families has multiple children as easily a couple of smaller kids can share full bunk beds. Futon Bunk Bed: Futon Loft bunk beds have a twin bed on the top and a sofa on the bottom with a regular twin size bed stacked on top of it. Most of the time it’s used as primary sleeping area while futon sofa at the bottom provides as leisure place and you can also use a full bed size if needed.

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A M I S H A L L E Y Bunk Bed Materials: Wood vs Metal: Bunk bed comes in wood or metal materials. It depends on a number of factors. So it’s important to know which material is right for your kids. Lets’ look at both materials.

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A M I S H A L L E Y Wood Bunk Beds: Wood bunk beds come in a wide variety of wood types styles shapes arrangements and provide much more options items like stairs drawers trundle and those nooks and crannies that kids just seem to adore. You can have many different designs as well as colors in the wooden frame. It has a solid wood construction and a long-lasting life. You can easily modify it anytime whenever you want it. Metal Bunk Beds: Metal bunk beds are usually well-built in tubular metal and have lightweight than wooden bunk beds. The metal frame offers the best support and durability compared to the wooden frame. The metal bunk beds are very stylish and innovative which accommodating less space than wooden bunk beds. It’s cost effective and quite popular as compared to wooden bunk beds. Bunk Beds – Benefits Features and Ideas: Bunk Beds with Stairs: Bunk beds with stairs are becoming popular for a childs room. It’s the safest option compared to the ladder as it not only provides the best surface place to step on it also has a sturdy handrail for kid’s safety. Since it’s connected to top bed your kids can enter through stairs easily.

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A M I S H A L L E Y Separate a Bed into Two Beds: Bunk bed is a popular choice for homes that want to conserve space. You can easily convert bunk bed into two beds as teenagers grow up and need changes. Bunk Beds with Storage Drawers: Storage Drawer is essential parts of every kids bedroom. It provides extra storage for clothes toys shoes and sometimes toiletries and books. Trundle Bunk Bed: Trundle bunk beds are very stylish with coasters. You can easily move it under the kid’s bed when not in use. Optimizing space in kids room is a big headache as your son or daughter have more and more favorite books and toys to store. At this point you can easily take the help of trundle bed to store anything.

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A M I S H A L L E Y Affordable Colorful Bunk Beds in Red Blue Green or Gray: Imagine the world without any color would be dreary and boring place. So provide your kid’s bedroom a punch of color with bunk beds finished in a strong color. Bedroom furniture painted in fun color makes a children room area much more playful and enjoyable. Looking for inspiration to decorate your kid’s bedroom Check out at 18 creative and fun kid’s bedroom ideas. Amish Bunk Beds: Safety Information for Parents: Bunk beds are wonderful space savers as well as kids love them. Keep in mind these beds can be dangerous. Kids from top bunk can fall out and kids in bottom bunk can be injured if the top bank collapse. So before you buy an online or offline bunk bed for your kids below are some of the important safety tips to stop injuries from happening. Place bunk beds in the corner of the kid’s room so that wall can support on two sides. Guardrails can stop your kids from rolling over and falling out of top bunk beds. Install guardrails on both sides of upper bunk beds and it should be single opening for entering exiting should be no more than 15 inches. Do not place bunk beds under or near ceiling fan or light. Install extra slats to support the mattress on the upper bunk to stop it from falling. Add an extra night light near the ladder so that kids can see the ladder. Remove dangerous element around the bunk bed.

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