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Ageing and Joint Pain In our country back and joint pains are considered to be a part of normal ageing process. Thus instead of proper treatment they prefer to go for quick remedies such as pain relieving balms. Neglecting your health can worsen the condition and may lead to serious problems of bones and joints. In addition our sedentary lifestyle which includes insufficient exercise improper nutrition may affect the construction of bone mass in the body. Ageing makes joint movement less flexible and stiffer as the amount of lubricating fluid inside the joints drop and cartilages become thinner. Being inactive causes the cartilage to furthermore shrink and congeal reducing joint mobility. Joint pain may lead to pain inflammation stiffness and deformity which increases with ageing. Joint pain can be unbearable if left untreated. So if you are experiencing first prickles of joint pain consult an orthopedic professional for long-term joint health. Exercise can avoid many age-related changes to bones muscles and joints which can reverse these changes as well. Some researches show that exercise can make bones and joints stronger and slow down the rate of bone loss. Routine physical workout can be added to your lifestyle like brisk walking stretching jogging yoga meditation and aerobics. While ageing cannot be slowed or stopped there are ways in which the development of joint pain or its side effects can be deliberately reduced by medical intervention. Some common ailments related to joint pain with ageing are neck pain lower back pain knee pain sciatica nerve pain bone spurs frozen shoulders arthritis nerve pain which can be treated if diagnosed at the right time. If bone and joint pain are persistent one can be educated regarding amending some lifestyle changes with diet control and counseling from an orthopedic doctor. More Details:-