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alkowindowcovering July 5 2018 Window Blinds and Window Shades a l k o w i n d o w c o v e r i n g . w o r d p r e s s . c o m/2018/07/05/window-blinds-and-window-shades/ If you are looking to buy Window covering for your home and don’t have the knowledge for Window covering then you must know about window blinds and shades. Blinds are the hard window coverings which are made up of horizontal slats and Shades are window coverings made of up nos of pieces of fabric. Lighting Blinds are better for privacy and light control because blinds have slats which can be tilt and changed according to the light you want and shades have the solid piece of fabric which can only be open or closed. However if you choose light filtering fabric in shades you can enjoy natural light as well. Cleaning Cleaning blinds can be wiped down with a furniture polish and a soft cloth. When shades get dirty you can lift away dust or gently spot clean with warm water. However if face any problem for Blind Cleaning you can hire Alko Window Covering. Durability Blinds are made up of hard material like aluminium wood and pvc blinds are better to hold up to tear and wear better than S h a d e s. Installation The Installation process for shades are in different styles and on another hand for Blind Installation it is the same for all the blinds. Both Blinds and Shades are easy to install or if you want an expert for Blind Installation then must contact Alko Window Covering Company. Advertisements 1/1

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