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Whirlpool India wStore Decide on what is better – A Semi-Automatic or a Fully Automatic Washing Machine Washing machines with their introduction changed the way we washed our clothes. With time came a lot of advancement in the models of washing machines. The mechanics and the engineering were developed and the usability increased. Keeping in mind the user needs the evolution of washing machines has led us to an era of two major competitors in the market when you want to buy washing machines - Semi-automatic washing machine and the fully automatic washing machine. There have always been mixed reviews about these two segments of washing machines depending upon the users interest. Where the semi-automatic machines provide the users with benefits such as no need of regular water supply the fully automatic machines give them the ease of use. The current trend has seen a surge in the number of people going for the fully automatic machines but the semi- automatic is still not less than a favorite. In a semi-automatic machine there are two different tubs which serve two different purposes. The first tub allows washing the clothes and the second tub dries them. Once the washing cycle is complete it is required to manually take out the clothes and put them in the dryer. Manual intervention is always required when using a semi-automatic washing machine. The washed clothes have to be transferred to the second tub for spinning. The fully automatic machines on the other hand comprise of a single tub and do not require transferring of clothes or any other manual intervention.

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Whirlpool India wStore To judge these machines better and find out the best variant for your use lets compare the pros cons of both these designs. Semi-Automatic Washing Machines Pros:  Do not need continuous water supply  Less water consumption when compared to a fully automatic washing machine  Washing cycle requires less time  Difficult moved from one place to another because it is bigger in size Cons:  Manual intervention required everytime when switching from washing to drying  Requires more space  The entire process of washing and drying clothes is tiring Fully Automatic Washing Machines Pros:  No manual intervention required  Machines require less space comparatively owing to its single tub design  Washing clothes is not a tiring process  Light weight  A big range of washing machines available  Can be easily moved from one place to another Cons:  Requires continuous supply of water  Consumes more power  Wash cycle takes longer compared to semi-automatic washing machines

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Whirlpool India wStore The above listed points offer an insight on the factors related to both the designs. Now whether you want to buy a semi-automatic washing machine or a fully automatic washing machine keeping these points in mind will definitely help you judge your choice better. Different designs and drum capacities are available in the market when you want to buy washing machines in India. You can now compare different models online as well and make a smart choice. It not only saves time but also helps you compare different offers simultaneously and grab the best deal available.

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