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Slide 2:

Will you borrow me some money? I don’t have any.

Slide 3:

The died dog became a ghost.

Slide 4:

Please put it their.

Slide 5:

Get the ball besides the man.

Slide 6:

Its a very interesting story.

Slide 7:

Oh! Cathy passed by. I watch her a few minutes ago.

Slide 8:

Please say what happened to you last weekend.

Slide 9:

I hear and I hear to the teacher everyday but its very difficult

Slide 10:

I have a promise with my dentist on Friday.

Slide 11:

Almost Japanese people eat rice.

Slide 12:

Mr. Bauro and Mrs. Julie and three another teachers were their.

Slide 13:

I say him “Stop Drinking! Or else I will not love you anymore!”

Slide 14:

She’s so young. She is so pure .

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