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How Legal Separation Is Different Than Divorce ? Family Solicitor Croydon - Alfred James


0 20 8681 4627 Before you consider personal injury solicitors in Croydon , it becomes imperative to know the real difference between legal separation and divorce, and by also understanding the legal & emotional constraints in both the options.


0 20 8681 4627 Your finances are separated and upholders of child custody, child support, division of marital assets and debts, and alimony are all decided by the court. The only difference would be that in divorce, you are officially separated and formally ends your marriage . You are no longer married to each other and you are free to marry again. In case of legal separation, you remain legally married to your spouse even though you are living apart.


0 20 8681 4627 Why Do People Choose To Legally Separate ?  There are several reasons why people choose to legally separate but remain married to one another and some of them are : Because of religious, moral and personal belief. Legal separation is a pathway to continue your relationship while remaining connected to each other. In a legal separation, you are still entitled to certain benefits such as spouse's government benefits, spouse's health care or insurance benefits, etc.


0 20 8681 4627 For many couples, legal separation served as a second chance to reconcile after getting apart from each other. Legal separation becomes the only viable solution when you are not eligible to file for a divorce. When you and your partner find it less stressful than negotiating a divorce agreement.


0 20 8681 4627 Divorce and legal separation are both valid and convenient options in a circumstance of failing marriage. In a legal separation, you get enough time to think of your decision on divorce, where both the couple live separately while keeping the marriage intact. Besides, a legal separation is reversible, divorce is not. 


0 20 8681 4627 If you want to weigh your options, we recommend you speak with a family solicitor in Croydon . And what can be a better option other than Alfred James & Co Solicitors LLP! Our organization covers vast areas like conveyancing, divorce and family matters, employment law, immigration law, legal aid, civil dispute & litigation, housing despair claim and many more.


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