3D Architectural Design Services Keys to Effective Delegation

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Nowadays 3D Architectural Design Services has become an integral part of an architect’s routine workday. It helps the project become more effective.


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Nowadays architectural visualization has become an integral part of an architect’s routine workday. It helps the project become more active. But if the architect decides to do it himself or he hires a 3D visualizer to do the work it becomes quite time-consuming. Which is why most architects decide to hire an outsourcing partner. Rayvat Engineering has been in the business of providing 3D Architectural Rendering for over a decade. With our experience of working on offering a range of services like CAD design and drafting architectural animation architectural visualization and much more We have been able to figure out which are the best ways for our clients to get utmost satisfaction while outsourcing 3d Architectural Design Services.

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But then while outsourcing there are various things that an architect has to keep in mind. For things to not go wrong you can have the following points in mind: Before giving your project to an outsourcing partner decide what would be your final motive of gaining this 3d Architectural design Services and what would be the view that would best suit that motive. Then give that specific brief to your partner. Not all elements in your design need to be picture perfect. To save time you can make a list of generic design elements that the designer can use from the database. That would leave the designer more time to work on the design elements that are most important and hone them to perfection. Some architects have the Interior Design Services made to use them in animations. If that is the case you need to let the designer know beforehand. The final image resolution that is used for architectural render is different from the image that can be used for animations. Also the image resolution required would be different for printing it. So make sure you let the designer know what would be the last usage of the product so they ensure that they provide the same in that particular resolution. Before the start of the project talk to your outsourcing partner and ask if they have all the requirement with them before they start their 3d Architectural design project. Depending about the type of project as well as the visualizer working on your project the requirements might change. Let them know your exact specifications and then they can then give a list of all their needs.

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If you are working with the outsourcing firm for the first time discuss the revision process. Have an upfront discussion about how many revisions would be done for free and how many would be chargeable and how each change would be charged. Roll out the project in stages and discuss a deadline for each of this stage so you get an alert as soon as things start going slow so you can take rectifying measures immediately. Discuss the payment cycle. If working with the outsourcing partner for the first time ensure that you have at least 50 payment that you can pay after the work is complete. So you have a safety net. Before starting on the project have a sample ready and ask the outsourcing partner to work on that. So at a lesser cost you get to see if they are compatible with your requirements and style of working. Always insist on written communication between your teams. If at some point you need to intervene written evidence would be best to know the exact status of all the things.

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