Creating an Effective PowerPoint Presentation

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Creating an Effective PowerPoint Presentation by Mary Ann Chaitoo:

Creating an Effective PowerPoint Presentation by Mary Ann Chaitoo


Overview Why Use a PowerPoint? Planning Slide Layout and Content Text and Fonts Colour and Background Animations Sound and Slide Transitions Clip Art and Graphics Conclusion

Why Use a PowerPoint? :

Why Use a PowerPoint? Determine the Relative Advantage of using a PowerPoint Presentation. PhotoStory 3


Planning Outline the Topic. Do your research ahead of time. Know your Audience. Create a Storyboard. Start with a Title Slide. Keep it Simple.

Slide Layout and Content :

Slide Layout and Content Put a title at the top of each slide. Use bulleted points and avoid long sentences. Follow outline for your presentation. Place main points on outline slide. Use numbers for lists with sequences .

Text and Fonts:

Text and Fonts Text should be Big. Text contrasts with background. All caps are hard to read. Avoid abbreviations and acronyms. Limit punctuation marks. Use few fonts & use them consistently. Fancy fonts can be difficult to read.

Colour and Background:

Colour and Background Use colours that contrast. Use simple design templates or create your own. Use the same design for all of your slides. Avoid complex patterns and exotic colors. Use complementary colours.


Animations Use special effects that support your content. Restrict animations to certain slides. Use animations for special emphasis. Some animations make text harder to read. Animations can be used to demonstrate how something works.

Sound and Slide Transitions:

Sound and Slide Transitions Stick with one or two transitions. Use sounds only when absolutely necessary. Avoid distracting and flashy slide transitions.

Clip Art and Graphics :

Clip Art and Graphics Should balance the slide. Images should be large enough for people to see from a distance. Enhance text, not overwhelm. Use when text needs visual explanation. No more than two graphics per slide.


Conclusion Summarize and Review Ideas. Ensure that the Presentation room is prepped. Practice your presentation. Speak comfortably and clearly. Time your presentation.