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Grup: Alexis González Alexis Vasquéz Andrea Morales Nelson Secctíon: M - 411 The movies Project of English IV

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Zohan Dvir is working as a special agent and lives with his parents Orthodox in Israel. He wants to give up this life full of dangerous encounters with the Palestinians. You Don't Mess with the Zohan CHANGE

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While in the process of arresting a Palestinian activist known as the Phantom, fakes his death, hides in a kennel on a plane to New York and decides to try his luck as a hairstylist. CHANGE

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With Von Doom back in his homeland of Latveria the fantastic four have new problems when Galactus has decided that Earth is his next target. hEROES the Fantastic Four.

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When his henchman, The Silver Surfer, is sent to Earth he discovers that he is getting more than they expected when it encounters the Fantastic Four. hEROES

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THE MIND Premonition The middle-class couple Linda Hanson and Jim Hanson lives a wasted and routine relationship with their two daughters in their comfortable suburban home. On Thursday morning, the local sheriff visits and tells Linda that her husband died in a car accident the day before.

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THE MIND The next morning, when Linda awakes, Jim is at home safe and sound. When he awakens the next morning, she realizes that her days are out of order, but his family and friends believe she is crazy.

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YOUR HEALTH In morte veritas. Georgia Byrd clerks at a New Orleans department store. She defers pleasure: cooks gourmet meals, eats Lean Cuisine; likes a co-worker in silence; has savings, but hasn't left Louisiana. Last Holiday

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All that changes when a CT Scan discloses she has three weeks to live. She cashes her savings and heads to Europe's Grandhotel Pupp, where Chef Didier presides. YOUR HEALTH

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That`s amazing When the rivalry among the best in the world men skaters - sex addicted, improvisational Chazz Michael Michaels and germophobic, precise Jimmy MacElroy - breaks into a fight on the awards platform, which is forbidden in the case for life. Blades of Glory

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Three years later, the desire for a gold medal and a careful reading of the rules would compete as the first male male skating pair. That`s amazing

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The movies Scary Movie A group of young, as Cindy Campbell and Bobby Prinze, accidentally hit a man while driving, and dispose of the body, but are now being stalked by a masked murderer very recognizable.

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The movies The victim count increases, Cindy, while surviving the carnage seen in many movies before. Six friends - Cindy Campbell, Bobby Prinze, Buffy Gilmore, Greg Phillipe, Ray Wilkins, and Brenda Meeks - are being stalked by a serial murderer.