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A memory about… Alexis González Section: M - 411

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My Family My family is big, now we are seven members and I love them all

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My Parents Dad Jairo Mom Moraima These are my parents with your their grandson in their it is a blessing for the family.

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My Sisters Jailideth Jailiseth These are my two younger sisters which I take care and love very much, they are intelligent and very good sisters and friends.

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My Brothers Jaider Jaiver They are my two younger brothers, they are good friends and companions of games, are they good students just like me...

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My friends In this photo I am three years old and was dancing " the bird bather " with my cousin Luisana, there are my cousins Henry, my neighbors Leidys and his brother Jonalbert.

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My favorite toys My favorite toy was a pitufo, that´s what my mom tells me I had it up to three years. Even though I had many toys but my favorite was the pitufo.

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My birthday and of my sister In this photo, you can see my deceased sister and me in the first and only year of her life. In here, we were celebrating my birthday number four one of the many people celebrated with me …

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When we were living in Caracas and my vacations This was taken when we were Chacaito, Cararas. With Popy at the circus. In Merida with my dad I was 4 years old. 1 3 2

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My favorite and spoiled nephew … My nephew was ten days old in this photo. My nephew when he was 8 months old. My nephew when he was 1 year old.

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Nowadays, this is me… Thank you very much for you accompanying me on remembering my life from my childhood days.