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My Heroes... Alexis Gonzalez Section: M - 411

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The Mother Teresa of Calcutta

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It she was rewarded by the Nobel Prize on the Peace in 1979 and beatified by the Pope Juan Paul II in 2003. She was hero of peace The Mother Teresa of Calcutta, born in (Skopje, Ottoman Empire, current Republic of Macedonia; on August 26, 1910 - Calcutta, India; September 5, 1997) was the religious catholic Albanian famous one for his humanitarian labor in the India.

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The Mother Teresa, founder of the Missionary ones of the Charity, was an alive (vivacious) testimony of love to Jesus Christ for her total delivery to serving her in " more poor between the poor ". Her example has been a challenge to the conscience of the humanity.

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Patricia Velasquez

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She was hero Patricia Carola Velazques Semprún, (born on January 31, 1971, in Maracaibo, State Zulia, Venezuela) is a recognized actress and Venezuelan model, who has stood out in the world of the entertainment due to her characteristic physical features, product of the typical miscegenation of the Caribean and inherited by she(it) of the tribe of the Wayúu, tribe inhabitant to the north of the peninsula Guajira, between(among) Colombia and Venezuela

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On May 20, 2009, it she received in the city of New York, a recognition on the part of Women Together's committee and the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations Organization (UNO). In the year 2002 there founded the foundation without purposes of profit Wayúu Tayá dedicated to the assistance of the Wayúu, an indigenous colombo-Venezuelan group.

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His(her,your) secret identity is Peter Parker a young student of New York who acquires amazing power after being punctured by an arañaradiactiva, and power to stick fast to the walls or any material. My hero is Spider-Man is a super hero created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in August, 1962 for a tale appeared in the number 15 of the magazine "Amazing Fantasy".

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Jairo Gonzalez My Dad

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My personal hero is my father is born here in Maracaibo for which it he gets up early every day to be going to work and this way to realize his her labors, is efficient, ingenious and strong to construct homes for many families for which he is a master builder.

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