Puregemco Fitness_ The Philosophy of Yoga and Poses You Can Practice

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Puregemco Fitness: The Philosophy of Yoga and Poses You Can Practice

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One of the reasons why yoga is being popularized is due to its’ convenience wherein you can perform it at almost anywhere. May it is at home an open space near your house a serene spot at the park at the beach or any peaceful place you can absolutely do yoga. All you need to bring is your yoga mat. When you practice yoga you are giving yourself a favor of receiving countless positive benefits physically and mentally.

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Here are a few things yoga helps: ● Lowers the risk of Heart Disease ● Improves brain health and function ● Lowers stress level ● Flexibility ● Lowers blood pressure ● Stronger bones

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● Relieves chronic back pain ● Improves lung capacity ● Improves reproductive organs ● Relieves anxiety ● Improves the balance ● Healthy weight ● Lowers blood sugar level ● Peace of mind ● Brings genuine happiness and contentment

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Generally the list can go on because the benefits are inarguably endless. And aside from helping you reach your fitness goals you can get an added bonus – practicing self-love so you can acquire a healthier lifestyle. Check here for more information: PUREGEMCO