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Knowing Your Body Type Puregemco Fitness 101

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Training For Your Body Type: As of today we are inundated with idealized body images that are portrayed on various medium – commercials fashion runways magazines and all over the internet. However acquiring these body shapes can either be tough or easy. Why It is because your human genome or commonly referred as genes serve as an influential factor over a person’s actual body type.

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Ectomorph People who fall into this category are recognized with lean and long body features. These are the naturally-skinny type in which no matter how much they eat their weight stays quite the same with the slightest chance of becoming plump.

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Recommended Workouts for Ectomorphs: Go for effective exercises like squats and abs routines like bicycle crunch which helps you a hormonal boost for muscle build-up. It is also important to ensure a 3000 calorie intake per day because there is a tendency for Ectomorphs to get not enough nutrients due to your fast metabolism. So eat healthy food that will aid you to acquire muscle gains like whey proteins nuts seeds avocados wholemeal bread and starchy carbs

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Endomorph: You are an Endomorph if you have around body features that is relatively characterized of a wide waist. People with this type of body have a large bone structure or are naturally bigger than the others because there is a higher tendency in terms of muscle mass and unfortunately fat too.

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Recommended Workouts for Endomorphs: Do some sprints box jumps and hypertrophy training. Most trainers suggest not to be misled by crunches or jogging but rather focus in high-intensity workouts. Alongside with your workout plans make sure that your strategy isn’t restricted on routines alone as you must also keep watch on your nutritional meal plans. It is best to focus on eating plenty of greens and put a limit on the carbs so low-carb diets are recommended. Food that is guaranteed good help in the fat burning process are spinach oats brown rice and even opt for green tea.

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Mesomorph: Among the body types this is what most people would want to have because if you’re a mesomorph that means you have a naturally fit body. Yes you read it right This body is characterized as naturally lean naturally muscular and with a medium-size bone structure. If you find it easy to add new muscle and you’re body doesn’t tend to store fat on your lower part then you definitely are in this category.

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Recommended Workouts for Mesomorphs: Try doing sprints vertical jumps plyometrics and other power moves that will capitalize with the athletic built you already have. Also don’t take for granted the essentiality of nutritional meal plan even though you don’t get fat easily. Make sure to intake around 2500 calories or at least 40 of your daily meals are complex carbohydrates. The remaining percentage will be divided as 30 for lean protein and 30 healthy fats.

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