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Still using e-mails to reach your co-worker then here are some more reasons to replace Email with Collaboration Software that would suit your requirements. -


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Slide 2: Years back checking emails in the morning was the first ever thing most of the professionals would start their day with. And with the advancement of social networks, collaborative tools and mobile communications we can see the revolutionized version of reaching your employees at your work place using some of the collaborative software as email is phasing out and collaborative software is replacing its place. And it’s the time to see the change with the effective collaboration software. Email in particular can be a great time waster so it’s been gradually taken over by the collaboration software; it is this software helping companies to improve their employees work life. It saves people quality amount of time travelling to meetings, processing emails and simply trying to track down the right people in their organizations to speak to.

Slide 3: Still using e-mails to reach your co-worker then here are some more reasons to replace  Email with Collaboration Software  that would suit your requirements. Easy Work Scheduling & monitoring According to a study, the average corporate user spends one forth of his work schedules in checking, answering and sending mails. This issue can be solved by logging into any of the collaboration software; which allows you access to all the updates of your company and projects you are working with. And with this software one can also prioritize the most important tasks and can easily respond on that in the first place.

Slide 4: Instant notifications and Easy access to info People use email to communicate, instead of digging through email which kills the productivity of your work go with the collaboration software that quickly finds answers to your demands. Social software drives productivity within an enterprise, thereby increasing a company’s competitive advantage and helps you work smarter, easy access to documents, and speeding up workflow and  you use email more as a notification center.  You receive emails informing you that a new conversation is occurring on the social network, with a link to join and participate.

Slide 5: Easy and precise search features Social collaboration software clutter frees the confusion of emails by providing direct communication and can have a common dashboard where all the information is shared at the right time to the right audience. This also allows you to easily find, manage and update documents and file attachments. Collaborative online software is more effective for working with others on a project than email.

Slide 6: Cloud based storage With social collaboration software, you will get all your information available in one area. You can search through all your data quickly and easily. Everything can be searched by the people whom you choose to have search accessibility. A large amount of company information gets locked up in email. This will be an adverse effect on the business, which may have to invest new resources to locate or recreate the same information. Instead, it would be more useful to have a shared knowledge base using this collaborative software.

Slide 7: Unlimited or limited access to group discussions Instead of endless email, team members can effectively participate in discussion threads, everyone will have the facility to access to the latest draft, can tag files to make them easy to find different files later or when necessary and the team lead or manager can easily assign and track the task from his team mates. The software also allows features to limit access to any file or message threads to anyone at the team.

Slide 8: Effective interaction Social collaboration software increases transparency, which in turn offers accountability and increases trust. You can build awareness of your company throughout the organization effectively and efficiently through collaboration software. While email just gets the information, collaboration software encourages the interactions where you send specific messages to specific audiences.

Slide 9: Private and group messaging C ollaboration software includes different functionality ranging from micro blogging and wikis, to instant messaging and discussion forums, to notifications and document sharing. It can help people within an organization connect and communicate more effectively. S ocial collaboration software helps business professionals’ work both inside their organizations and outside, enabling them to connect their internal and external communications more seamlessly. They can communicate with clients and clear their queries as well. Email is just a linear form of communication, people read it from top to bottom and often there will be very little business protocol to prioritize information.

Slide 10: Video Calling features Though emails offers easy and instant file share there is no option of live video chat, You can overcome this draw back using a collaboration software that facilitates video conference where in you can video chat and share your ideas face to face anywhere any time. No longer using long email threads or hours long meeting which makes your work life hard.  It’s the time to bring change!  We gradually see transition from emails to collaborative software and there are many popular collaborative software like Slack, GroupRocket , Trello , Yammer, Redbooth , Google, Spark etc are available in markets which are trying to eliminate the need of emails in your organization . 

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