8 Collaboration Mistakes that Could Cost You Big


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8 Collaboration Mistakes that Could Cost You Big - Here we have listed few of the most common Collaboration mistakes every organization makes. - http://goo.gl/I3gFuH


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GroupRocket.net Collaboration has always been one of those factors that drive a team’s performance. How quickly can a target be achieved when people are clear of what their colleagues are doing and also about their contribution to achieve the target? And they can now be clear about who they will have to approach to get their queries cleared or just ask the query and have it answered by any of their colleagues . With several advantages, collaboration does have its share of drawbacks and mistakes. From operating from a single location corporate industries have changed their operational areas globally or work for global clients making collaboration difficult. And with a limited time period to meet the targets, collaboration has not only become difficult but also something that employees now disapprove of. Here we have listed few of the most  common collaboration mistakes  every organization makes.

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GroupRocket.net The real reason that collaboration has become a practice is mainly to generate all possible solutions to a problem. But collaboration has reached a point where again, the management or the administration levels generate the solution and the rest of the team just works together following orders uninterested. As long as the employees work together and the goal has been reached, just following orders don’t come as an issue but when a group activity is suggested, being satisfied with the first solution that is put up and finding possible ways to ‘make it happen’ is one of the biggest collaboration mistakes that corporate industries do which only exhibits the same behavior under the pseudonym – collaboration. Involving all employees and inviting more solutions to the issue at hand, increases the chances of reaching at a better and more effective solution.

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GroupRocket.net Long meeting hours:   This is one of those collaboration mistakes that every organization small or big can be seen doing on a regular basis. However productive it may sound having a regular meeting for hours every week or day will only be a pain in the neck and a clear disinterest among employees.  The impact of a short meeting just discussing issues and arriving on a solution is more positive than a meeting that runs for long hours only acts as a performance draining factor.

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GroupRocket.net Collaboration on phone?  A collaboration mistakes that happens in every industry, mainly at the so called corporate world. As said above, collaboration comes as a basic necessity especially when an organization operates out of different geographical locations. And in such cases having frequent meetings in person might prove effective but not cost efficient. Having a conversation on phone or an audio conference might help in the planning but not as much as the in person meetings. Technology has advanced and there are now several opportunities for having real in person like discussions with the video conferencing feature that a lot of service operators now provide at an affordable rate.

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GroupRocket.net What and Who:  Determining the ability of the employees before assigning them tasks is one important step that almost every industry ignores and comes as one of the biggest collaboration mistakes of all. There fields that employees may not be comfortable working in and the ones they outshine others at. Assigning tasks to employees might look as a great strategy but without a clear idea of who is capable of what; assigning tasks will only be a successful first step that leads paves way to zero improvement in performance.

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GroupRocket.net Implementation:  A daily meeting or regular work updates from the teams prove futile when there is no proper implementation of the assigned work. Yes, an organization or industry does not benefit much from team collaboration, if the strategies planned and the designs agreed upon haven’t been implemented properly. This is one of those collaboration mistakes that could cost real big where every step or procedure looks to be planned and constructed carefully but the target wouldn’t be achieved. Not just planning implementing the same and regular updates as to add to the fact that the proposed plan has been followed come equally important when an organization depends on team collaboration.

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GroupRocket.net Collaboration?  Rather than being an activity, collaboration has become more of a routine and fewer employees are seen to take part at the team discussions focusing on the purpose whereas, the rest merely participate as the activity is required and their presence is requested. And having a practice to make sure that every employee actively takes part at the collaboration meetings will prove an efficient way to add more life to the meetings and rectify those costly collaboration mistakes.

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GroupRocket.net A leader :  Though collaboration requires every team member to actively take part in the meetings the need of a leader or an organizer who would make sure that every employee effectively takes part and deduces strategies to include every member in the discussions not just physically but mentally as well. This is one mistake that every organization makes and team collaboration merely becomes a practice where issues are not discussed rather the employees merely share their work updates.

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GroupRocket.net Though in-person collaboration meetings are more comfortable than phone calls the fact that they are time consuming cannot be neglected and a team discussion through emails will only prove futile and merely just an exchange of emails leading to a lengthier email conversation that no one ever looks back to refer . For More Collaboration Mistakes

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GroupRocket.net Gathering all employees and getting all possible solutions to an existing problem or issue is not easy. But once you master the technique, team collaboration will be the best practice your organization can benefit lots from. The recent addition to the advancement technology, software for collaboration; has now paved a much better platform for collaboration. From having video conferences and sharing documents, this software provide all necessary solutions to an organization’s collaboration needs and will greatly add eradicating all those collaboration mistakes and to the team’s performance as well.

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