Workflow Benefits of Collaborative Software


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Workflow Benefits of Collaborative Software - With advanced features how does collaborative software benefit businesses? Apparently in a lot of ways. -


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Slide 1: Workflow Benefits of Collaborative Software

Slide 2: For long, emails have been serving as the best communication tool for businesses that also facilitated easy file sharing. They have been effective and are still in use. But emails have the drawback where file sharing is limited and instant replies were uncommon. In addition, team discussions and meetings had to be only in person. Instant messaging apps came as the best replacement to the normal mobile messaging services (SMS) and it is high time to replace email with a better communication tool that provides better team collaboration and most importantly, serves as a perfect task management platform.

Slide 3: Team collaborative software like Group Rocket, Slack, Confluence etc. are now providing all the necessary functions that email couldn’t. Notifications for the users on all members’ activity facilitating instant communication, provisions to add any document or file, having instant feedback on projects and assigning tasks to the employees are few highlighted features almost all collaborative software provides . But with advanced features how does collaborative software benefit businesses? Apparently in a lot of ways. Availability across all platforms This would come as the best feature for those employees who have been long waiting for a reply mail from an employee not in his/her place or at work. All available collaborative software come compatible with all devices and operating platforms. Be it a smartphone or a tablet computer; iOS or android with the software in their devices, there is no more wait for a reply from colleagues making instant messaging effortless.

Slide 4: Private and Group messaging Doesn’t the email make it hard when you have to text your team? Though emails may provide group emails they still have the drawback of not knowing whether the mail has been delivered to everyone in the group. And with every message or post in one scroll, there is no need to keep up with the long email threads anymore . Swift and Secure File Sharing When was the last time you had to seesaw between different floors or wait for long hours for a file from a colleague? Yesterday? Right now? Thanks to the file sharing features the collaborative software provides, employees can now share any file in any format can be shared in just a click instantly. And with every file shared at the cloud any user can access a file anytime. And with the advantage to limit file access to only their team or few members of the team, feature is secure as well.

Slide 5: Instant Notifications Instant messaging can never be a possibility when a user is not aware of the post or message at the group. Notifications come as one of the predominant requirements in communication and such a feature does comes essential at a platform is aimed at providing effective team collaboration. Collaborative software provides provisions where users get notifications on all activities of their colleagues. Be it a simple query, a comment, an image or a document; when a colleague posts at the group or messages privately the software notifies the user immediately, enabling instant conversations a possibility that have made it easy for getting quick feedbacks and have in app discussions. 

Slide 6: Easy Recruiting After registering at the collaborative software, the employees are required to enter all their details including their designation, qualification, contact details and more. Need an employee to assist you in a new project? With details of every employee at the software, you can now find one with ease. Better Relationship with Customers With features for team collaboration among the employees, collaborative software also provides provisions to get in touch with customers. Need to clear an issue with the customer or answer the customer’s queries send an invoice? The softwares offer features to do both. No more mail attachments or annoying long duration phone calls.

Slide 7: Money Saver How can a software save money for your business? Ever had the need to travel from your workplace to a branch at another part of the country or skip a vacation to get to an unexpected meeting at work? Then this is a feature that you would love. In addition to messaging and file sharing, collaborative software also offer video conferencing features which will now enable employees to make their presence in team meetings without having the need to be present. Increased Employee Performance With all the benefits lined up above there is no reason there won’t be an increase in your employees’ performance and the projects you have lined up will now be completed in no time.

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