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GroupRocket Top and Best Team Building Activities

Slide2: Who said that office is a solemn place and we cannot have fun? The office boredom is old gone now even our bosses are up to some mischief and playing pranks all the times. A workspace like that is certainly a place to look forward to! While work is important and meeting deadlines can get choking, a vibrant environment can boost the confidence to a great extend. Dear patrons, we bring to you some ecstatic team building activities that will help you to get the best out of the each other as a team. Let’s get started with playing them.

Slide3: Egg Drop This is one of the most exhilarating activities. Split the team into two enthusiastic groups and assign them with the task of building a sustainable egg package. The team should be provided with materials like papers, plastics, balloons, tapes etc to build the egg package.  The groups will be given a chance to drop the eggs using their egg package from the height while the other team will watch the eggs drops. This game enables the team to work together and communicate and brings them together to achieve a common goal to win the egg drop job.

Slide4: A Truth and A Lie – Each member should state one truth and one lie about themselves and other team members should guess which one of the proclamations is true. This helps the teammates to gel up well and understand more about each other. Zombie Escape  Let’s play zombie! Now that is how you get crazy at your workplace. Summon the team to an empty large room and don’t forget to lock the door. Choose a volunteer natural zombie from the group. Tie the zombie in the corners of the room with one leeway foot. When the game starts, the zombie is unleashed every five minutes and tries to reach out the living. The team members have to solve the clues by the help of the inklings to find the hidden key that unlocks the door and flee from the apocalypse.

Slide5: Legoman The learning game demands the leader to build an abstract sculpture and hide it from the others. Now divide the group into 3-6 small groups and ask them to replicate the sculpture. The leader should call for one of the members from each team. They are expected to observe and memorize the sculpture only for few minutes, go back, described, and help their team member to build the same. This team building activity will help the members to maneuvre, communicate effectively and problem solve amongst them.

Slide6: Life Highlights Game This game can be an excellent icebreaker for the team. Ask each of the members to close their eyes for one minute and rewind the pleasing moments of their lives. The memories can be from the dairies, with friends or family, at work place or even an achievement. Once the members have recapture all the highlights of their lives, inform them that their search for highlights is about to be narrowed. While their eyes are closed, ask them to share what 30 seconds of their life they would want to relive if they only had thirty seconds left in their life this is the first portion of the game. 

Slide7: Human Knot Human Knot is a brainteaser and hilarious team building activity. The playing group size can be from 8-20 people. Get the team to stand in a circle. Instruct everyone to raise their right hand in the air and grasp the hand of someone standing across the circle from them and then ask them to  put their left hand in the air and hold the hand of a another person. They have to hold two different people and no one should hold others who are standing right next to them.

Slide8: Frostbite Frostbite is a survival game! It prepares the leader to make good decision while meeting their expedition. The team is expected to stay strong and prepare for their shelter, when the storm hits the grounds. The team leaders have frostbite, hence they can’t help while constructing the shelter, physically. The other members have snow blindness hence they can see. With the havoc, the team is also is given a limited time to build the shelter. When time runs out, switch on the electric fan and check the who built a stronger shelter.

Slide9: Scavenger Hunt This is a high-tech team building game. You can use text messages, riddles, websites, or email addresses with auto-responses to broadcast the clue. You can generate custom QR codes with this  free online QR code generator . Make sure that the teams has QR code reader app and let them loose in for the code hunt. This icebreaker game will boost the productivity and keep the working environment cooled down. Try all of them and build an exciting team around you! For More Team Building Activities Refer -

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