10 Ways To Boost Your Productivity


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10 Easy Ways to Increase your Productivity - Productivity comes from a diligent mind that knows how to stay focused and prioritize the work. Don’t worry if you feel I am not talk about you, because cultivating these qualities just needs a cup of motivation and fortitude along with your morning coffee. - http://goo.gl/h7vDYS


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GroupRocket.net Productivity comes from a diligent mind that knows how to stay focused and prioritize the work. Don’t worry if you feel I am not talk about you, because cultivating these qualities just needs  a cup of motivation and fortitude along with your morning coffee.  It’s all right inside you, but you should learn to storm it out and unleash the best of you.  A friend of mine  always complained lack of proper sleep due to prolonged unproductive days. We do understand it is disturbing not being good enough. Hence, revealing the mantra of getting the best out of each day. But do pledge to yourself to keep trying!


GroupRocket.net Writing a Personal Journal Productivity is an everyday business. As morning shows the day, do take time of first hour of day to plan on how to go about the day.  Once you have sketched it out you, which one is complicated.  It always better to finish off the easy ones from your list, this will help to boost your confidence and store it for the complex job. Work out the tougher job only during your productive hours of the day. Keeping a personal journal will help you to stay on top of your goals. Use  Google Tasks  as Google Tasks sync with Gmail, Google Calendar, and the Google mobile app, it makes it easier to refer to them while on-the-go.


GroupRocket.net Take Small Breaks They say that normal person can stay focused and productive utmost for 45 minutes for a normal person to stay focused and productive. It is essential to take a small break of 15 minutes after every 45 minutes of sincere work. This will avoid building up the tendency to obesity and nausea. So, take a short walk between the hour hours. It will help you to rejuvenate yourself and work more productively.


GroupRocket.net Give away your Temptations Let’s face it! We do keep sneaking into ours profiles in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Hootsuite, Tumblr, Foursquare, Shutterfly, Pinterest, Google Chat, Reddit, and StumbleUpon account and how can I forget smartphones with Whataspp. These cravings keep us from giving our best. Yes, I know those excuses but disconnect anyway.


GroupRocket.net Look good! Many think that looks has nothing to do with work, true! But not when it has the power to build your confidence. A presentable look not only makes you feel good from within but also inspires others around you. Refrain from multitasking Multitasking is good but it can get inefficient when too much time is spent doing multitasking. It reduces the productivity while your interest is shared amongst multiple things. Try to complete one project at a time.


GroupRocket.net Don’t be a perfectionist Many of us are never happy with the work done by us and strive to be the perfectionist. This kills a lot of important time and you end up having a sense of dissuaded. Do not chase after this illusion, rather first complete the work and then try to perfect it. Avoid interludes It is common that your colleagues with barge in or send chats over hangouts. An unwanted interruption at working hour can distract the goals. Try to work smarter and not harder.


GroupRocket.net Get to the starting point Initiating the work is often harder than doing it but once you are through that phase, it takes only a while to start enjoying your work. Set your own deadline This will help to understand your ability and get things done at your comfort. Deadlines can be stressing but a manageable level of stress will keep urging you toward completing your work. Don’t be discouraged if you miss your deadlines, it’s a exercise that gets better after every day. You will be astounded to discover that you will finish work before your own deadlines within few period of span.


GroupRocket.net Exercise This is important! Exercise can activate your brain nerves and helps you to be proactive throughout the day. A midday exercise inculcates the urge to work hard. Try to go for a short walk after lunch, this will  boosts productivity and morale in the workplace.   Ask for feedback Feedback helps you to retaliate and assess your work. This gives room for improvement in your work. For More Tips to Boost Productivity Refer - http://grouprocket.net/blog/15-ways-to-boost-your-productivity.html