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Strategies :

Strategies By: Aleki Tapa

KWL Chart Paragraph:

KWL Chart Paragraph A KWL Chart is a chart we use to learn about natural disasters. For an example, we are using the KWL Chart to study about tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and forest fires. The K stands for What I know, the W stands for What I Want to Know, and the L stands for What I Learned.

Data Set Paragraph:

Data Set Paragraph The Data Set we use is used to study about the tornadoes that have happened in other countries or states. We also use the data sets to learn about like nicknames, how fast or how big the tornadoes are. Then we highlight all the words that we think is important and draw pictures.

What is a Cloze?:

What is a Cloze? To me a cloze is a thing we use to study about natural disasters. We use it to learn about Tornadoes, Hurricanes, and Earthquakes. We did a lot of closes and to me I think helped me because in other classes we do closes and it is very easy to me.

Make and Break:

Make and Break A Make and Break is another way of studying natural disasters. It is also when you have sentences or paragraphs in the wrong order and you have to decide were it goes. A make and break helps you so can know how to put stuff in order. It is similar to a cloze.

Read Aloud:

Read Aloud A read aloud is when you read and you think about the story and ask questions also you summarize about what you read. Read aloud and Think Aloud is different because you answer questions for read aloud and you write comments for think aloud.

Think Aloud:

Think Aloud A think aloud is when you write what kind of strategy the paragraph or sentence is. Some kind of examples are ask question, summarize, evaluate, predict, and make a connection.

The Best Strategy:

The Best Strategy I think the best strategy is the KWL charts. I think that because first you write down something in the K section. Which means what I know. Then in the W part you have to write down what u want to know. Finally, on the L part you write down what you learned from the video that Mr. Ferlazzo puts up. We did so many KWL charts this quarter and they were on all the natural disasters.

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