My Greatest Hits

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My Greatest Hits : 

My Greatest Hits Aled Illtud Humphreys

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Things from my childhood.

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3 Before School: Owain and Benjamin Garth Olwg: Owain, Rhodri, Dafydd, Gareth, Daniel and a few more. Rhydfelen: Ysgol Gyfun Garth Olwg: This school : You Lot! Next Song! 1) With a little help from my friends!

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2) Video Killed the Radio Star! BRAG AND SHOW OFF! About me on TV and Radio! Summer Heights High Mock the Week Doctor Who Torchwood QI Scrubs Mitchell and Webb Look I.T Crowd Chaser’s War on Everything Ideal

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3) Walk on the Wild Side Pets I had when I was young! Gordon the Hamster Hammy the Hamster Cleo (Manon’s goldfish) Itchy and Scratchy, and numerous other goldfish. My Pets! Always wanted a dog until…

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4) The Ketchup Song The Ketchup Song Mambo No.5 Fast Food Song Reach for the Stars Cotton Eye Joe Millennium Crashed the Wedding Whenever Wherever The Hamster Song We are the Champions Oops Upside your Head Cha Cha Slide Angels Hips Don’t Lie What I go to school for Primary School Disco!

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5) I Believe Santa Claus was scary!

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6) I Just Can’t Wait to be King!

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7)We are Family 4 Members Mr.Humphreys’ Son!

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9)Just one Cornetto!

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10)The End Ambitions for the future.

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Thank You!

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