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In this PPT, we have discussed about the brief introduction of musical marketing and its tips which will provide the help how to promote the music industry and its brands.


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Introduction of music marketing trends :

Introduction of music marketing trends


Introduction The landscape of music marketing has seen gorgeous changes when the internet began to take over the music industry. It was in 2015 when we first saw numbers of changing, with the streaming taking the lead and physical sales dropping the year after year.

People will still willing to pay for music:

People will still willing to pay for music Streaming will still remain to be the number one revenue driver in the music industry in the team of marketing, and the people will still be willing to pay for music.


influences These are the people on Instagram like, YouTube, vine and snap chat who have large amounts of followers specifically through their online platforms.


video Short term video continue to grow in importance and the music industry is still struggling to effectively tap in to this trends. The another main importance for this last year then facebook is now placing on live video.

Messaging apps:

Messaging apps The messaging apps have only grown in importance over the last year. It is unbelievable to see the growth in whtsapp and facebook messenger(now at 900m users) –up between 40-50%in one year

Niche music will grow bigger this year:

Niche music will grow bigger this year Being able to platform in a live music festival is a great way for discovery, promotion and marketing and this year, will since niche music festivals taking form. This is the great as artist in similar genres bring together their fans in one live music event


AR/VR TO BE A ADOPTED IN MUSIC INDUSRTY Many years age, virtual reality would seem like a foreign and ambitious concept, but the technological innovations now deem VR and AR as true to life reality and the music industry catch up.

Tips for music marketing trends :

Tips for music marketing trends Marketing Trends For Music Streaming wars continue Music as a bridge to consumer for fashion trends Festival culture gets more brand and tech centric

Who I am..:

Who I am.. Albert James Burleson is the owner of Meet D Artist who provide the help in musical industry like: film ,television music and musical instrument, who lives in California.

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