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In this PPT, we have discussed about the history of rock music and its benefits which will improve your verbal memory and reduce the anxiety level.


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History of Rock Music:

History of Rock Music

What is Rock Music?:

What is Rock Music? The rock music is a popular music that originates from the united states of the America. Its also known as rock and roll. Today the rock music is very popular and important and its recognized types of the music with the popular bands.

History of Rock and Roll Music:

History of Rock and Roll Music The rock music is originally developed and created by the America during the 1950s. The rock music is a musical type that was born in 1950 in the USA and England in 1960.


Instrument In this rock music they are uses the minimum three music instrument such as: drum, guitar and bass. The main difference between an electronic guitar and brass is that that have uses the 6 string and a bass is only 4.


Evolution From the rock music arose the new material from such as: punk, grunge and heavy metal. The great example of the rock band is AC, DC guns N’ roses or queen.

Types of Music:

Types of Music Punk music Grunge music Heavy metal

Punk music :

Punk music In this types of the music they are uses the three punk bands that are represent the movement are the Ramones , sex pistols and the clash.

Grunge Music:

Grunge Music The grunge is the form of rock in 1980 in Washington(USA). This music is all about the social marginalization and freedom. The grunge song usually hopeless and pessimistic.

Heavy Metal:

Heavy Metal Its very important and powerful then the rock music. Its songs are about the extreme emotions and the rock. they uses the three most known heavy metal bands like as: black Sabbath, Metallica and iron maiden.

The Best Rock Bands:

The B est R ock Bands The Beatles The rolling stone The who Pink Floyd Led zeppelin Queen

For Example::

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