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Here we have discussed about the origin of jazz and its tips which will provide the help to improve the verbal memory, focus and mood.


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History of Jazz:

History of Jazz

What is Jazz?:

What is Jazz? The jazz is basically defined as a style of the music, citizen to America. It’s a strong flexible rhythm with the solo and improvisations on the basic tune , chard pattern etc.

History of Jazz:

History of Jazz The jazz music is oriented the amongst African Americans, in united states. Its developed from the roots in blues or rhythms. In 1920, the jazz has origin and recognized by the major firm of the musical expression. Its emerged from the traditional and popular musical style.

Elements of Jazz:

Elements of Jazz Improvisation Traditional and race Roles of women

Ragtime music:

Ragtime music This type of music is truly African American music. Its combination between the rhythm that were brought to this the country with the musical forms brought over to the united states.


Bebop This style of the music is focus in the improvisation. This music is borrowing with the swing and rooted in the blues. The bebop is the foundation on which the modern jazz music build.


Swing Its very important style of the jazz music. They are also performed by the double boss and drums and its played a fairly quick tempo. This band was lifted in the early part of the 1949 and in the form of the swing had changed in the many new style have the emerged.


Blues This style of the music that is based around the using blue notes. This music is born along the north Mississippi delta after the Delta bar.

Free Jazz:

Free Jazz This is the style of the music that the emerged in the US in the center of the century. It is basically defined as the movement that includes the various musical styles which will improvisation and deconstruction of the jazz music.

Jazz development and style:

Jazz development and style There are various style of the jazz but the most famous jazz such as: Ragtime Blues Swing Be-Bop



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