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Learn about the brief history and theory of music which will help you to have a good music experience.


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History of Music:

History of Music

What is Music?:

Music is also known as entertainment that puts sound together in way of that people like locate and intrusting. It’s the art of sound in time, expressions through the elements of melody, color. What is Music ?

Western Art of Music:

Medieval music Baroque music Romantic music 20 th and 21th century music Western Art of Music

Classical Music:

Asia China India Middle east Classical Music

Instrument Music:

Instrument music through the popularity of dance and vocal music. Its can also be associated with the development with the instrument technology. Instrument Music

Style Feature:

Rhythm Dynamics Melody Texture Style Feature

Romantic Music:

Romantic music tells a story or describe something. Music is filled with passion and drama. The most popular instrument is piano . Romantic Music

Modern Classical Music:

Modern period is start in 1900 C.E. Classical music led to the development of popular music.Like: hip-hop, rock, blues, jazz. Its not as popular with younger generation as pop music as. Modern Classical Music


In the 1900’s popular music becomes the dominant style of music. Modern classical is very different then music it came from. Modern

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