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Learn about all the brief history of film industry in which you be get to know about early film in 1980.


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The History of Film:

By: Albert James Burleson The History of Film

History of Film:

The history of film start in the 1890,when the motion picture comers were invented. The film production companies started to be established and limits of technology. History of Film

Early Period:

In early period the films of the 1890s were under a minute long and until 1927 motion pictures were produced without sound. There was little to no cinematic technique. Early Period

Birth of Movies:

The first eleven years of motion pictures show the cinema moving from a novelty to an conventional large-scale entertainment industry. Birth of Movies


Film Business New film producing countries Film technique Maturation

Sound Era:

During late 1927, Warner’s released The Jazz Singer, which was mostly silent but contained what is generally regarded as the first synchronized dialogue in a feature film . Creative impact of sound Sound Era

Recent Year :

In 2001, the Harry Potter film series began, and by its end in 2011, it had become the highest-grossing film franchise of all time until the Marvel Cinematic Universal passed in 2015. The Dark Knight, superhero films have greatly increased in popularity and financial success. Recent Year

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