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There are four types of musical instrument which when together used created and adopted the music sound.


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Musical Instrument :

By: Albert James Burleson Musical Instrument

Musical Instrument?:

Musical Instrument? M usical instrument  is an Indian instrument created or adopted to make  music sounds. Musical Instruments information about woodwinds, brass, percussion, and string instruments.


piano  Piano is a common starter instrument because it's easy to really see the music .   It’s a keyboard helping you to play and create melodies, in everywhere.


Guitar  guitar is a musical instrument classified as a string instrument with anywhere from four to 18 strings.

classical instrument:

classical instrument Violin Cello Double Bass

Brass instrument:

Brass instrument Trumpet Sousaphone French horn Trombone


woodwinds Flute, piccolo , Saxophone Bassoon Oboe Clarinet


percussion Drum set Vibraphone, Marimba, and xylophone Bells and Cymbals Timpani

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By: Albert James Burleson

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