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From popping the questions to 50th anniversaries, Simon G. jewelry can add a special touch to any celebratory occasion. Whether you need a ring, a necklace, or a pair of earrings, Simon G. has exquisite hand-made jewelry that is sure to match anyone’s style.


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Simon G. Jewelry:

Simon G. Jewelry

Making a Sketch:

Making a Sketch The process starts with a sketch of the new ring, necklace, or earring set and will go through dozens of revisions until it’s perfectly formed. After the sketch is finished, it must approved before the next stage can start.

3D Modeling:

3D Modeling A CAD model of the picture is made so that it can be viewed in 3D. This step of the process is crucial to the final product. Each piece of Simon G. jewelry is reviewed for countless hours in 3D before the crafting starts so that any and all flaws are found and fixed.


Manufacturing The process begins with Simon alloying his own metal, which is generally 18k platinum, palladium or platinum, and iridium. These metals make each piece more durable and they also give the jewelry a longer lifespan. The metals are also desirable for the complex beadwork, filigree, and engravings that makes Simon G. jewelry look so unique.

Quality Control:

Quality Control Every piece of Simon G. jewelry goes through ten quality control stations, one after each step in the manufacturing process. The process for crafting Simon G. jewelry makes his pieces not just simply jewelry, but family heirlooms that will last for generations.

Setting the Diamonds:

Setting the Diamonds Once the frame is completed and checked ,the diamonds are set by hand before being inspected by an experienced artisan. Simon’s business even employs their own specialists to inspect the pieces once the diamonds are set.


Polishing Even after the diamonds are set and the finished piece has been checked by specialists and artisans, the jewelry isn’t quite done. After the manufacturing process and diamond setting, each item of Simon G. jewelry goes through one more quality control check before being put through a hand-machine polishing session before it’s ready to be sold and worn.

The Finished Product :

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Simon G. Jewelry Guarantee:

Every diamond is conflict free and each ring is made with four prongs to ensure that your diamonds will never be lost. Simon G. Jewelry is only sold at approved retailers across the United States and Canada to ensure the pieces are being sold high quality jewelry stores. Simon G. Jewelry Guarantee

Jewelry That Lasts As Long As Your Love:

Jewelry That Lasts As Long As Your Love Every piece of Simon G. jewelry comes with a guarantee that it was made with the utmost care and attention so that your family heirloom will last longer than a lifetime.

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