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Do you need security services or security guard services to keep your property safe and secure Visit:


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Security Service

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ABOUT SMS SECURITY SMS Investigation is a very personable company. We know that we are in the people business. We know that you need both an advisor and a listening ear. For security client: We are in partnership with over 30 condo, service apartments, Warehouses and shopping complex in Singapore with a working relationship of 4 years.

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Keep our operating overheads low Pay our staff on time Treat them fairly Pay them as well as we can to the current market conditions Innovation and experimenting How are we able to do this, firstly we survived the early storms of the business. Secondly, we follow a set of successful guiding principle:

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We still focus on our core competence of  security manpower  provision and private investigation. Delivering the experience that successfully took us from ten staff people to two hundred over people working with SMS Investigation & Security. Clients also recognize the things we do well and trusted us with their business. By us doing: Discussing the solutions not by arguing but by level headed discussion Having a lower than average manpower turnover over the course of the project Responsive management team Knowing the fundementals of the security estate

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For More Information Please Visit: /

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