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HR and Payroll Software


“ PeopleQlik helped us streamline core HR processes and Statutory Reporting for our offices in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. Employee Self-Service enhanced the communication between HR & Employee. Product is built with great features and addictive Interface. ” Usman Ahmad - CEO

HR Software and Payroll Software:

HR Software and Payroll Software PeopleQlik HR Software and Payroll Software provides advantage of whole work performance and make successful decisions that helps in the growth of business. PeopleQlik HR and Payroll software present positive environment and well organized platform for business to employee communication. Reports are easy to made and give good level of visual representation.

Can You Change the Future with Predictive Analytics?:

Can You Change the Future with Predictive Analytics? Predictive analytics have been around for a few years now, businesses are finally going to begin using predictive analytics to enhance recruitment, scheduling, absence issues, and hopefully revenues. Many businesses are excited about the prospects of using predictive analytics to alter the future, but may not know where to begin. If you find yourself in this boat, consider the following tips to begin using your HR Software more regularly and practically.

Spot and Plan for Absence Patterns: :

Spot and Plan for Absence Patterns: Pretty much every business keeps track of absences, logging doctor’s notes and citing reasons in some kind of organized fashion. Identify Turnover Patterns and Take Action: Turnover is an issue that can have serious consequences for organizations when rates are in elevation. Having clue of what the average turnover rate will be by department and job title can help management to get ahead of the turnover dilemma by receiving a jump on recruitment so that there is less downtime in between worker departure and replacement.

Determine Employee Contentment Impact on Company::

Determine Employee Contentment Impact on Company: While businesses are beginning to realize the importance of worker contentment, many organizations simply take surveys to regulate the levels of contentment and take steps to increase contentment. While this is not a bad thing , information about worker contentment can be used for so much more! Worker contentment information can be logged and analyzed so that HR Software recognizes certain keywords, and then the information can be cross referenced against customer satisfaction information, productivity, worker sick leave, training, performance, and a wealth of other data that is relevant to revenues. By understanding how worker contentment affects different areas of the job, managers can develop systems and programs that may directly increase revenues and growth.

Make Sure Analytics Packages Are Up To the Task::

Make Sure Analytics Packages Are Up To the Task: In order to use predictive analytics to the furthest means possible, the HR Software must have the ability to not only mine through HR data, but it must be capable to pull data from external sources and make comparisons to spot patterns. At present, this may not seem like a big deal, but it may just distress competitiveness and profitability down the road.

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