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Ladybirds. Mollie


LADYBIRDS When I see a ladybird I yell for my family. My favourite type of ladybird is the seven spotted ladybird. The harlequin ladybird is still the most beautiful ladybird in the world.


LADYBIRDS. Ladybirds are carnivores. Ladybirds are found where insect pest populations are high. Aphids are ladybirds favourite food. Ladybirds chew from side to side and not up and down like mammals do. I LOVE LADYBIRDS SO MUCH.


Ladybirds. I love Ladybirds. They are a beautiful mini beast to me but to some people they are annoying. When I see one I would always pick it up in my hand and put it on my face.


Ladybirds. A ladybird is a very beautiful Insect. I really love Ladybirds, I like the red, yellow, orange, and white ones. One day I saw a red and black Ladybird, it looked very beautiful, it had a red back with black poker dots. It also had beautiful antennae.