Helen Keller

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Helen Keller:

Helen Keller

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“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one, which has been opened for us.” - Helen Keller -

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Born June 27, 1880 Tuscumbia, Alabama, USA Died June 1, 1968(1968-06-01) (aged 87) Arcan Ridge, Easton, Connecticut, USA Father Captain Arthur Henley Keller Mother Kate Adams Keller

Helen Falls ILL:

Helen Falls ILL But Helen’s life was to change dramatically. In February 1882, when Helen was nineteen months old, she fell ill. To this day the nature of her ailment remains a mystery. The doctors of the time called it “brain fever”, whilst modern day doctors think it may have been scarlet fever or meningitis. Whatever the illness, Helen was, for many days, expected to die. When, eventually, the fever subsided, Helen’s family rejoiced believing their daughter to be well again. However, Helen’s mother soon noticed how her daughter was failing to respond when the dinner bell was rang or when she passed her hand in front of her daughter’s eyes. It thus became apparent that Helen’s illness had left her both blind and deaf.

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By the time Helen was six her family had become desperate. Kate Keller travelled to a specialist doctor (Alexander Graham Bell) in Baltimore for advice. They were given confirmation that Helen would never see or hear again. Kate Keller wrote to Michael Anagnos , director of the Perkins Institution and Massachusetts Asylum for the Blind and request a teacher for Helen. Michael Anagnos considered Helen’s case and immediately recommended a former pupil of the institution, that woman was Anne Sullivan

Helen Keller and her teacher:

Helen Keller and her teacher

Anne Sullivan:

Anne Sullivan Anne Sullivan had lost the majority of her sight at the age of five. One summer during her time at the institute, Anne had two operations on her eyes, which led to her regaining enough sight to be able to read normal print for short periods of time. she received the offer from Michael Anagnos to work as the teacher of Helen Keller, a deaf-blind mute, although she had no experience in this area, she accepted willingly.

Helen meets ANNE:

Helen meets ANNE Anne immediately started teaching Helen to finger spell. Spelling out the word “Doll” to signify a present she had brought with her for Helen. The next word she taught Helen was “Cake”. Although Helen could repeat these finger movements she could not quite understand what they meant. Then, after a month of Anne’s teaching, what the people of the time called a “miracle” occurred.

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