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5 best every magento extensions your online store must have. Get These Extension from FME Store to enhance the functionality of your store and get a stake against your competitors. Visit our store for More Magento Extensions http://www.fmeextensions.com


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5 Must Have Magento Extensions :

5 Must Have Magento Extensions FME offers free and premium Magento extensions, modules to extend functionality of your store. We develop Magento Extensions which suits your requirements and makes your Store prominent among Competitors. Lets have a look at 5 Best FME’s Extensions

One Step Checkout Magento Extension:

One Step Checkout Magento Extension Why One Step Checkout ? 23 percent Cart Abandonment is due to complicated checkout process. Multi pages checkouts are difficult to go through from buyer’s point of view. ONE STEP CHECKOUT converts your complicated multi-pages checkout into easy one page checkout. With just few clicks, this sound and stable extension lets your customers happily complete their checkout transaction effortlessly. One Step Checkout Features Supports Payment Gateways such as Sagepay , PayPal, Google Checkout, Authorize.net and all others supported by Magento Easily manageable and customizable, no need to install just copy and run. Customize design according to your theme. Increase sales by reducing cart abandonment with One Step Checkout

Pricing Calculator Magento Extension:

Pricing Calculator Magento Extension Why Pricing Calculator ? This Magento extension allows site owners to use pricing in Centi -meters, Meters, Milli -meters, Inches and Feet on their store and apply rule based discounts on products based on their sizes. Just create custom options for each product that are required e.g. Length, Width, height etc. (Visit Demo from our website to view how). These options will then appear on product pages where customers will be able to enter values from within the defined range set by Admin in Price Calculator tab (created by this extension in product options). Pricing Calculator Features Creates Price Calculator Tab for each product in which Price rules can be defined and discounts can be applied on products based on their sizes. Multiple Input and output size units are supported such as Meter, Centi -meter, Milli -meter, Inch etc. Length, area and volume calculations Decimal and Integer input values are supported Get Pricing Calculator Magento Extension and Enhance your Store.

Shop By Brands Magento Extension:

Shop By Brands Magento Extension Why Shop By Brands ? Shop by Manufacturers Extension enables you to Manage Manufacturers easily from Admin panel, present in your store and link to them from product pages, thus making it easier for your customers to browse and shop by specific Manufacturers. Shop by Manufacturers Version 3 now comes with meticulous features that are beyond expectations to perfectly manage brands on your site. Many new and enhanced features have been plugged into this module to enable excellent presentation and stunning new functionality of Brands extension on your website. Shop By Brands Features Enable/Disable brands to be displayed on Product detail page Customizable Heading, color, Width and Height of logo Enable link to other products of same Brand Display Products in a drop down or list view Limit no. of products to be shown in left navigation Sort alphabetically or by creation date Order by ascending or descending

Google Maps Store Locator Extension:

Google Maps Store Locator Extension Why Google Maps Store Locator ? Google Maps-Store Locator is an awesome and extremely useful Magento extension developed by FME to market your online business and let your customers find out nearest stores based on their automatically detected location by using Google maps. It automatically detects customer’s location and presents them with stores and their distance in a very user friendly manner. They can also search stores by products and get directions to nearest ones through Google Maps based on their locations. You can customize the frontend behavior of extension like text, images and much more. Where ever your customers are, you are never going to lose them. Google Maps Store Locator Features Search a store by product in database or by location Get directions to nearest store based on automatically detected customer’s location Eliminating pagination and page reloads with the help of user friendly vertical scroller Show unlimited store locations Choose custom images for map markers and popup backgrounds

PayPal Adaptive Payments Extension:

PayPal Adaptive Payments Extension PayPal Adaptive Payments Magento Extension uses the PayPal Adaptive Payments API so you can create Magento stores and manage payments, payment preapprovals, and refunds. Send money peer-to-peer, split payments in both parallel and chained models, accept guest payments. The Adaptive Payments API works on multiple platforms including the web and mobile environments. PayPal Adaptive Payments Features Build Magento Stores to handle payments Send simple payments to a single recipient. Make split payments to multiple recipients. Send chained payments to multiple recipients, one after the other. Each recipient can take a cut of the payment. Make parallel payments to multiple recipients at the same time. Manage refunds Issue full or partial refunds from your own account or on behalf of someone else. Pay almost anyone with an email address Make payments to almost anyone with an email address or mobile phone number, with or without a PayPal account. Recipients who don’t have a PayPal account can create one in minutes.

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