Winter Wonderland

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Winter Wonderland : 

Winter Wonderland Anticipation Guide

Question #1 : 

Question #1 What month does winter start in? December January

Answer #1 : 

Answer #1 Correct! The winter solstice is on December 21st, making it the first official day of winter! Next

Answer #1 : 

Answer #1 Actually, the winter solstice is on December 21st, making it the first official day of winter. As a result, winter starts in December, not January! Next

Question #2 : 

Question #2 Do some animals hibernate during the winter? Yes No

Answer #2 : 

Answer #2 Excellent! Some animals, like bears, raccoons, and skunks, hibernate during the winter. To hibernate means to “sleep” during the cold weather. Next

Answer #2 : 

Answer #2 Nice Try! But actually, even though there are animals that don’t hibernate, some animals (like bears, skunks, and raccoons) do hibernate, or “sleep” during the cold weather of winter. Next

Question #3 : 

Question #3 What kind of weather is common during the winter? Thunderstorms Snow

Answer #3 : 

Answer #3 Oops! Even though it sometimes will rain during the winter, thunderstorms are more common in the summer and occur mostly when warm air meets cold air. Next

Answer #3 : 

Answer #3 Yes! Because the temperatures during the winter are so cold, the rain freezes and becomes snow. Next

Question #4 : 

Question #4 What types of clothing do you wear during the winter? Jackets, Scarves, Gloves Shorts, Flip Flops, Tank Tops

Answer #4 : 

Answer #4 Great Job! It gets so cold during the winter that it is necessary to bundle up when going outside. Next

Answer #4 : 

Answer #4 Oh no! Actually, the weather is much too cold during the winter for this type of clothing. It is more common to wear these items during the summer. Next

Question #5 : 

Question #5 Does winter end in February? Yes No

Answer #5 : 

Answer #5 So close! But actually, the spring equinox isn’t until March 20th, making it the first official day of spring. Therefore, winter ends in March, not February. Next

Answer #5 : 

Answer #5 Well done! Because the spring equinox isn’t until March 20th (the first official day of spring), winter doesn’t end until the 19th of March. Next

The End!! : 

The End!! Thanks for taking the Winter Wonderland Anticipation Guide!

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