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a’ b’ c’ a.b c 50 70 a.b c a 1 ’ b 1 ’ c 1 ’ a 1 ’ b 1 ’ c 1 ’ a 1 b 1 c 1 45 º Problem 9 : A plate having shape of an isosceles triangle has base 50 mm long and altitude 70 mm. It is so placed that in the front view it is seen as an equilateral triangle of 50 mm sides and one side inclined at 45 º to xy. Draw its top view An isosceles triangle can be seen as a equilateral triangle in the F.V. only when its surface is inclined to VP. So for the first view keep the plane // to VP, with 50 mm long edge perpendicular to the HP. Step 2:F .V. (equilateral triangle) is drawn first Step 3: Incline a 1 ’b 1 ’ at 45 º to the H.P. DESIGNED BY : AKASH SOOD M.I.T.M. (GWL.)

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