10 Grand Facts About Obama's Visit To India's Republic Day


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Republic Day Celebration THE GRANDEST E V E R

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This Day We have Special Guest

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U.S. President Barack Obama will be on a 3 Day Visit to India and the Chief Guest at this year ’s Republic Day Parade 10 Grand Facts About Obama ’s Outing …

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A bullet-proof shield could protect the VVIP enclosure this time.

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The maximum time an American president usually spends outside is 45 minutes and reports say his security officers are not happy about the duration of the Republic Day parade.

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The shows length has reportedly been extended because of the American Presidents visit. The number of tableaux may be more than last years 20

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President Obama is expected to follow protocol and forgo his own bulletproof car - known as the "Beast" - to ride to the venue with President Pranab Mukherjee.

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The 18-feet long 8 ton presidential car can withstand bombs and bullets has shred and puncture resistant tyres night vision camera satellite phones and a driver trained by the secret service who can perform a 180-degree turn. The car has a direct phone line to the Vice President and the Pentagon.

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Snipers will be positioned and the airspace over the area will be monitored by specially set up radar.

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Face recognition cameras are being installed at Delhis entry points to help identify criminal elements and CCTV cameras will monitor the routes taken by the US president

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