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Technology Usage in Government: The Implications and Measures to Protect Branded Data By Ajith Thomas 0

Persistent problem:

Persistent problem -Insecurity within our socio-culture -Hacking, Breaching, Security Compromises -Government Officials as a target -Revaluation of current branded data management techniques 1


History -Information versus Data -Confidentiality of all “branded data” -September 11 th 2001 -Technology War -New sense of responsibility and accountability 2

Policy and Protocol:

Policy and Protocol -Strength, Weaknesses, Gaps in legislation -New policies/Amendments -Presidential Records Act -Federal Administrative Procedure Act -Inclusion and policy relevancy 3

Technology Transformation:

Technology Transformation -Cyber Threats -Statistical Disclosure Method -Cryptography -Research and Development within Private Sector Practices 4

Government Accountability:

Government Accountability -Flawed officials -Role& Responsibility 5


Stats. 6

Stats. 2:

Stats. 2 Causes of Data Breaches in the Public Sector   Misc. Error 34% Insider Misuse 24% Crime-ware 21% Theft/Loss 19% Everything Else 2% Web app attack 1% Denial of Service 1% Cyber-Espionage 1% POS Intrusion 0% Payment Card Skimmer 0% 7


Conclusion -Invest in new technologies -Policy analysis must be constantly under review -Government officials must conduct themselves in a manner where they are representing others 8

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