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Instant Inspiration First Words of Swami Vivekananda By: Dharam Chand

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Don not say we are weak; we can do anything and everything, what can we not do? Everything can be done by us; we all have the same glorious soul, let us believe in it. ***** Say, “Everything is in me, and I can manifest it at will.” ***** Arise, awake, sleep no more; within each of you there is the power to remove all wants and all miseries. Believe this and that power will be manifested. *****

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Infinite power is in the soul of man, whether he knows it or not, its manifestation is only a question of being conscious of it….. With the full consciousness of his infinite power and wisdone, the giant will rise to his feet….. ***** What is done is done…. Do not repent, do not brood over past deeds…. You cannot undo, the effect must come, face it, but be careful never to do same thing again. *****

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The more opposition there is, the better, does a river acquire velocity unless there is resistance? The newer and better a thing is, the more opposition it will meet at the outset. It is opposition which foretells success. Where there is no opposition there is no success either. ***** Neither money pays, nor name. Nor fame, nor learning; it is character that can cleave through adamantine walls of difficulties. Bear this in mind. *****

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Go can bravely. Do not expect success in a day or a year, always hold on to the highest, be steady, Avoid jealousy and selfishness. ***** The world sympathies only with the strong and powerful. ***** Each man who thinks ahead of his time is sure to be misunderstood. So opposition and persecution are welcome, only you have to be steady and pure and must have immense faith in God…. *****

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My faith is in the younger generation, the modern generation, out of them will come my worker, and they will work out the whole problem like lions. ***** We need heart to feel, a brain to conceive, and a strong arm to do the work…. Make yourself a fit agent to work…. In a conflict between the heart and the brain, follow your heart. *****

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Give up criticism altogether, help all as you find they are doing all right, and in cases where they seem to be going wrong, show them their mistake gently, it is criticizing each other that is at the root of all mischief. That is the chief factor in breaking down organizations. ***** The End

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