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Air Force Amy Served Her Country Air Force Amy has always been someone who loved her country. When she was just 18 years old, she decided to act on that love and enlist in the US Air Force. Air Force Amy quickly became accustomed to life in the Air Force and had a very successful career in the military. Air Force Amy credits her time with the Air Force for teaching her a lot about life.

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Air Force Amy Is a Professional Professionalism is an important trait, especially for someone whose business relies on their own self. Air Force Amy has been promoting herself for years and has created a successful business out of her name. Air Force Amy learned the professionalism she needed to be successful in the business world from her time in the US Air Force. Now she is a successful businesswoman and continues to grow her businesses year after year.

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TV and Radio Fun for Air Force Amy As she became more famous, Air Force Amy embraced as many opportunities as she could. Some of those opportunities meant spending time on radio and TV shows. At first Air Force Amy found it a little nerve-wrecking to participate on these shows, but after a while she was able to have lots of fun, which ultimately helped her market herself even better.

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Supporting the Military Important to Air Force Amy As an Air Force veteran herself, Air Force Amy has a great deal of respect for the military. Of course, no institution is perfect and Air Force Amy does have some critical opinions based on some of her experiences in the Air Force. However, overall the military does a great deal of good in the world, and Air Force Amy believes it's important to support the military for that reason.

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