Protective Face Shield for Safety


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Face Shield provides full protection to face, eyes, and mouth against droplets & splashes of liquids & dust. It is easy to wear & comfortable for a long duration.


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WHAT IS FACE SHIELD AND HOW ITS MADE A safety face shield is a transparent layer that covers the entire face from forehead to chin. It is extremely effective in protection against Coronavirus and contagions with flu-like transmission capabilities. A full face shield is made up of a polymer-based lightweight layer covering the face, held up to the face by elastic forehead support. It is an easy to use solution for individual or personnel protection and is especially effective in places with a high spread of disease or dense population


USES OF FACE SHIELD 5 4 3 2 1 Doctors With the spread of Coronavirus, a mask is not enough. Whereas a mask is great for protecting your mouth and nose, the eyes still remain exposed. This can be problematic in situations where despite of social distancing, one can get exposed to contagions. Below are the Major Departments which must use face shields to protect themselves from this pandemic situation. All others also use this protective shield to avoid spread diseases. Nurses Security Guards Police & Force Receptionists


Use of high-grade materials ensures unprecedented protection and durability AIPL full face shield comes with skin-friendly and sweat-absorbent properties. It is suitable for Doctors, nurses and medical professionals, police, military, and security personnel, NGO and NPO workers, Factory and workshop workers and employees, Banking and logistic professionals and store frontline professionals like grocery, medicine & Pharma, Departmental store, open markets and any other form of retail that requires social distancing to be integrated into their business Designed to be worn for long periods of time. FEATURES


BENEFITS OF PROTECTIVE FACE SHIELD BENEFITS Skin-friendly with Complete Face Protection Sweat Absorbent Fogging resistance Comfort fit  Ready Out of the box Un-parallel clarity Easy cleaning & Sterilization High Grade elastic