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Women's studies activism powerpoint


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This Is what a feminist looks like : 

This Is what a feminist looks like Activism Spring 2010 Amy Pierce

The Idea : 

The Idea ETSU version of video Raise campus awareness Feminism is NOT a bad thing!

The Group : 

The Group Made videos from one big shoot Brochures to educate

Vulvapaloosa : 


My Part : 

My Part Brochure Timeline Keeping up with Maggie

Running Table at Vulvapoolsa : 

Running Table at Vulvapoolsa Ran table at event for an hour. Heard interesting stories Enjoyed getting info out there!

Organization : 

Organization Liked The concept How it came together Vulvapaloosa Disliked Communication in group The lack of organization

What Worked : 

What Worked Notification of major events Pulling together in end

What Did it Benefit? : 

What Did it Benefit? Awareness On campus feminists Women’s studies department

Purpose : 

Purpose Educate students Feminists of ETSU Show that it’s ok! Make video forwomen’s studies website.

Feminist? : 

Feminist? YES! Our whole project=making feminist a family friendly word. This is what a Feministlooks like!

Successful? : 

Successful? To an extent, yes. Helped some students Now broadcast on youtube to help the viewers!