Hunger in America

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This is a presentation on Hunger in America & my service learning placement for my HDAL 3110 class.


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Hunger in America & Assistance & Resource Ministries:

Hunger in America & Assistance & Resource Ministries By: Amy Pierce HDAL 3110-904


Statistics 1 in 6 Americans struggle with hunger. 1 in 5 children live in a food insecure household 2011: 15% of Americans were considered to live in poverty. 50 million people are food insecure in the nation

Statistics: SNAP:

Statistics: SNAP The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (aka, food stamps) has the highest amount of people receiving benefits. In 2011, 45 million signed up for SNAP. Amounts to about 1 in 7 Americans. 49% white, 26% black, and 20% Hispanic. Not all of the eligible have signed up.

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Why are so many on SNAP/struggling with hunger?:

Why are so many on SNAP/struggling with hunger? Recession Loss of jobs Many have jobs – just low pay

Other supplemental programs:

Other supplemental programs Free or reduced lunch for children The free breakfast program WIC

Possible Fixes to the Crisis:

Possible Fixes to the Crisis Educational classes Having all of the eligible sign up for SNAP. Admitting there is a problem. “ The unfortunate reality is that, in many of our most food insecure neighborhoods, myth, opinion, and ideology can hinder the process of feeding hungry children.” (Sanborn & Giardino , 2012)

SNAP helps the economy!:

SNAP helps the economy! Every $5 in new food stamp benefits generates a total of $9.20 in community spending. (Washington, 2012) Food stamps are accepted at most grocery stores and now are being accepted more places like farmer’s markets.

Assistance & Resource Ministries:

Assistance & Resource Ministries


ARM I did my service learning at ARM. In accompaniment with my internship, I completed 97 hours there. The facility is a food and clothing pantry that serves the residents of Carter County. Clients can come once a month to receive assistance.

Who qualifies?:

Who qualifies?

What do clients receive?:

What do clients receive? Clients receive a monthly food box which is different each time. The clothing department allows for 7 outfits per family member + pj’s & shoes. Furniture, linens, curtains “Sharing Shelf” random items.

Required Paperwork:

Required Paperwork Filled out application ID’s for each member of household Proof of address Proof of income (job, food stamps, SSI, etc.) Signed waiver


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