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How you can keep your teeth in optimal condition Everyday our teeth go through a lot. Sugary drinks hot beverages hard and sticky food stuff and all. With time all this causes damage to teeth. And what follows is pain and discomfort regular visits to dentists’ office work downtime and so on. But the good news is most of the damage is preventable. With some simple dietary changes and precautions you can reduce your dental visits while maintaining your teeth in optimal condition. Aims Dentistry the Best Dental Clinic In Mississauga lays emphasis on some rules of thumb that’ll definitely improve your teeth and gum health while preventing damage for long. What you should chew There are certain foods that improve dental health especially if chewed properly. Basically what’s good for your health is also good for your teeth. Chewing salad and crunchy greens is good for teeth. One benefit is that it strengthens gums. Secondly it stimulates saliva production which keeps your teeth clean and free of bacteria. Also the fibers act like natural bristles that scrape away food particles lodged in the teeth. What you shouldn’t chew Anything that contains a lot of sugar and is sticky. Sugary sticky foods like breads candies chips and stuff like that sticks to the outer surface of teeth and promote the attack of bacteria. Plaque forming bacteria feed on sugars and therefore eating such foods can cause cavities and gum problems that arise due to plaque deposition. Other precautions Apart from these there are certain precautions to be taken such as:  Avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee tea and chocolate milk. Opt for sugar free versions.  Go for regular checkups at your dentists’ clinic to keep your teeth in good health.  Confirm to regular dental care routine including brushing flossing and mouthwash.  Annual dental cleaning is a must.  Take care of yourself and maintain a healthy low carb diet. If you care vigorously for your teeth and maintain a healthy dental regime you can be rest assured that you’ll be free from dental problems for long. For all your dental problems you can always rely upon Aims Dentistry the best dental clinic in Mississauga.

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