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“Eff’ this College” is a transmedia presentation of the book: The Diverted Dream. The presentation examines the educational exploitation of American community colleges.


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COLLEGE this Community College Mythology 101 Taught By: Ah’Livia Now Enrolling! Eff’

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Examine & Erase – American Community College (ACC) myth

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(ACC) – a tool to ensure equal education to the masses and…

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… it’s affordable!

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But (ACC) wanted to be recognized as a real school & not just a democratic tool Pinocchio

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World War II left classrooms empty because many men were off at war

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(ACC) attracted more students by promising that they would be able to transfer/hop to a 4-year college

Slide 8: 

Poor & educationally disadvantaged students found transferring beneficial Rich students completely dismissed the idea

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However, 4-year colleges didn’t want the low-status students

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But since the war lowered academic enrollment, 4-year colleges were also seeking ways to increase admissions

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So, 4-year colleges opened their doors to transfer students and resulted in…

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academic reputation Community colleges academic enrollment 4 - year colleges

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But surprisingly, the (ACC) made transferring challenging …

Slide 14: 

by introducing loop holes…

Slide 15: 

to divert students away from 4-year colleges & into trades COLLEGE TRADES

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That way only the most advanced & persevering students would transfer…

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…thus representing the highest of the community college students

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For the remaining students, community colleges are not transfer schools but terminal & trade schools TERMINAL TRADE

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Discouraged students either stop wanting to pursue higher education & drop out or…

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…they become ensnarled in the predatory trap of trade schools

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In Texas, for example, of every 100 students who enrolled in a public college Community College 4-year college 79 21 Only 2 students earned their 2 year degrees on time Only 5 students earned their 4 year degrees on time

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Myth - college is glamorous Reality - college is insidious

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EFF’ this COLLEGE College Mythology 101 Taught / Created: Ah’livia [email protected]

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INSPIRATION The Diverted Dream was the foundation of this transmedia presentation. The book explores the historical motives and modern consequences of American community colleges.   But, history lessons can sometimes be boring. I ignited interest in the subject by combining the history lesson with the high intensity art of Maurizio Cattelan’s “L.O.V.E” to create an initial shocking composition. This was done intentionally to set the stage for the alarming pretext behind American community colleges. - Ah’livia

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