Vision Ganguly Consult’s Next Generation Entrepreneurs


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AG Ganguly goes with entrepreneurs who he thinks are going to build a generation company. Potrero Capital AG Ganguly is assigned to helping. Visit:


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Vision Ganguly Consult’s Next Generation Entrepreneurs AG Ganguly is a man you either like or hate. For more than 20+ years Mr. Ganguly has been working with entrepreneurs going back to dot com 1.0 when he assisted his first company raise money from prominent investors including Lazard Technology Partners AOL and various billionaire investors. A start-up which changed his world. Raising money in the early 20’s gave him access to investors and entrepreneurs. The company was eventually sold. Since then his career took off he went off to work with one of the co- founders of the Carlyle Group a friendship he holds very near and dear. It really never work AG Ganguly Potrero Capital says it was a blessing his father had just passed away he became an apprentice. It was during this period Ganguly first travelled to the Middle East and got to meet many people he works closely with today. I built solid relationships with people and Abu Dhabi Dubai Saudi Kuwait Qatar and other parts of the region. These are relationships you can’t buy but they are built on trust and he thanks his friend and mentor.

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Since then he remains actively assisting entrepreneurs not on fundraising but strategic initiatives helping company’s build. Now at 43 Ganguly remains private he works with entrepreneurs who he believes are going build Generation Company. Potrero Capital AG Ganguly is committed to helping. Source: consultE28099s-next-generation- entrepreneurs/5d6cfbc6d8e09500090853cd

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