Essential Pool Accessories for your Swimming Pool

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Swimming pool accessories are very important for pool maintenance. They not only enhance the beauty of the poolside but also help in maintaining the pool. You need to consider some factors before buying the right pool accessories. Check this presentation to know about different types of pool accessories.


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POOL ESSENTIALS Pool Liner - To make the swimming pool waterproof. Pool Coping - Is used to coat the surface of the pool. Pool Shell - To form the actual shape of the pool. Pool Skimmer Box - To collect leaves or twigs. There are basic accessories that you should consider while buying or dealing with the supplier. These include the pool liner, pool coping, pool shell etc.


POOL COVERS Pool covers reduce your maintenance costs by protecting your pool from leaves and other debris. It also helps in maintaining the water temperature and lowering your daily labour in pool skimming. They also protect your kids and pets from any accidents.


POOL FILTERS & PUMPS The pool filters and pumps remove solid contaminants from water and keep the water fresh by circulating it in and out of the pool. The filter is attached with a pump that runs 4 to 8 hours every day.


POOL LIGHTS To decorate your poolside, lighting is the best option. You can use multi-coloured lights and set them to light up automatically.


POOL CLEANERS If you want to clean your above ground pool by hand, you need a pool brush, skimmer and a pool vacuum. Moreover, you can buy a pool robot that automatically moves through the water and cleans your pool.

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