Free iPhone Contact Backup Software


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Do you want to back up your iPhone contacts? If yes, you can rightly go through this page to find some free iPhone contact backup software to make a copy of the contacts on your iPhone.


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Free iPhone Contact Backup Software :

Free iPhone Contact Backup Software If you don't want to lose the contacts on your iPhone in any case, it is necessary for you to export and save them on your computer or any other stable devices or reliable online services. In the previously written article, we have introduced how to extract and save contacts from iPhone with a pro tool. In order to meet the needs of the ones who are looking for free solutions to make a copy of iPhone contacts, here we come with this article to recommend you with some top free iPhone apps for contacts backup. If you are interested in the free apps, then why not go ahead to have a check of them now! Top Free Apps for iPhone Contact Backup 1. Plaxo Address Book Backup (7.2 MB) This is a synchronous app which enables to back up your contacts online. It can automatically synchronize with an arbitrary number of mobile in a wireless manner. Besides, it also enables the seamlessly collaboration with the persons in the existing Plaxo mail list and the contacts in your iOS device. You are free to use it to back up and recover your iPhone contacts securely in the cloud. That made it a download worthy free app on your iPhone.

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2. FunV10 (2.2 MB) More than a simple and free iPhone contact backup software, FunV10 also lets you make a copy of the pictures and videos on your iPhone onto an online storage account. If you want, you can also access via your computer with the account to get your iPhone contacts or share the pics or videos on any social networking site, such as YouTube, Picasa or any similar site. 3. My Contacts Backup (2.6 MB) This free and small sized app require no signing in for your iPhone contact backup. It is a super handy free app which allows you to send your iPhone contacts as .vcf format file to yourself or others via an email. And then you can read or import the .vcf contact backup to any other device as you want. So once you want to back up the contacts of your iPhone to another handheld device, then you should not miss this easy-to-use free iPhone contact backup app. Once you want to back up many other iPhone contents separately according to the file categories, then the pro iPhone Data Extractor would be more noteworthy and helpful for you.